Message From Our Minister October 2017

 Eyesore or Artwork?

One of the things going around the internet at the moment is this memorial to Princess Diana [the software for this website cannot reproduce pictures. Go to to see the picture]  While in many eyes this is not the most attractive representation of one of the 20th centuries glamorous women, it is apparently the product of an ancient tradition of well dressing. What you are seeing is a traditional East Midlands method using flower petals and egg shells to create a picture.

It’s easy often to write things off without exploring them further or laughing about what seems odd or unfamiliar. As we begin our new activities in earnest this October, I ask you to take a leap of faith and try something new. It may seem odd or familiar to start off with but the more you explore the more you may change your mind about what something might seem on the surface.

Better still, invite a friend and explore together!

Have a wonderful October