Message From Our Minister September 2018

 Lashings of ginger beer but not a lot of cake.

Just in case you miss the literary reference, it was a standard phrase in Enid Blyton’s adventure books for children. I remember reading them as a child and I particularly loved the Famous Five.

One of the things I should confess to you all is that I’ve had an ongoing health issue for the past few months. I seem to have developed an inability to eat anything with gluten. My doctor is trying to determine whether we can get it to something more specific and I’m waiting for test results to come back as this is going to press. My hope is that it is an intolerance; otherwise vegemite is off the menu. This is not welcome news to someone who has never met a carbohydrate that he didn’t like and who thinks cake is a food group all on its own. It looks like that church biscuit tin will finally be safe.

Life is a series of constant adjustments and this will be just another one. Several of our members have already made these adjustments and no doubt I’ll be asking for some wisdom from Linda and Lizzie at Zion. And we’ve all got some adjusting to do with our new “fab-four”. It’s going to be just as good as last year, but it will be different. Marvin, Natascha, Kata and Kees [the interns for 2018/9] are not the new Anja, Noah, Rosina and Janos. They are different people who will bring new gifts and skills and we’re going on a whole new adventure with them.

We’re also trying new things and adjusting others. Most things are starting this month, but some will start next month. This is because we tend to follow the school terms and also we need to settle our interns in the first two weeks. In the second week they are at a Time for God induction event for most of the week, so it is impossible to start everything all at once. One of the things I’d ask for is your feedback on things - it’s easy to make small changes during the year as we find new things. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

Finally, I’d like to finish with saying how excited I am to be with you for another year of the Jerusalem Plan. When I speak of you to other ministers they are always a little envious that I have found myself with such a great group of people.  So let the ginger beer flow!

Chris Dowd