Message From Our Minister March 2018

As many of you may know, my heating has been on the blink for the past month. The first bunch of heating engineers have tried various things but nothing has worked. We then called repair company number two and they have suggested a more radical overhaul.  They have pointed out that most of the radiators are older than me (almost!) and are probably full of sludge. They are either replacing or jetting out the radiators as well as tinkering with other things. The heating should be up and running just in time for spring!

While it has been a chilly January at 203 Beverley Rd, it does give me a good metaphor for the season we call Lent. Originally it was designed as a time where we all fasted; which was convenient as the winter stores of food were just about exhausted. It made sense for the Church to sanctify a practical necessity. Nowadays it is a bit more of a muddle-apart from depriving gin distilleries and chocolate companies of revenue what is it about?

I think Lent gives us the opportunity to assess whether we need a tinkering or a complete overhaul of our own spiritual “systems”. For some us Lent is a bit of routine maintenance getting us to think about where we are on our journey and where we feel called to this next year. For others it might be an opportunity to do a bit more radical stuff. `The only person who can really answer this is you…..…… are your own spiritual radiators rusty? Is your pump a bit feeble, does your own temperature control need a bit of a bash to get it going? 

As the gloom of winter recedes and spring is in the air it is the season of waking up and renewal…..what do you need to do to face Easter with everything in working order?