Message From Our Minister January 2019

In the bleak midwinter?

The Christmas trees are packed away. The fairy lights are put in bags to untangle next year. We start regretting those mince pies and Christmas cake we HAD to finish as we struggle to do up those trousers. It’s still grey and cold and spring seems a long time away. What’s worse is that someone (including me) is contemplating a week (or in my case two weeks) on the Church retreat in Gran Canaria.

But there is hope! This is also the time for new beginnings, new resolutions. This is the time to take up something or consider changing something in your life that has become like a “stone in your shoe". And if you are thinking of changing something it’s important to remember that things have the most success of adopting if:

• It’s easy to achieve

• It’s something that you can see the point of doing

• You can fit it in what you already do without completely disrupting your life

My change is that I’ve subscribed to the scripture union’s daily email subscription to get a short bible passage and reflection on scripture. While I spend quite a bit of time working with scripture either sermon prep or bible study prep sometimes I’m so busy working with it I am not praying with it. Something that is delivered every morning to my inbox seems like something I can do while I ride the exercise bike I’ve been doing for the past few months to give myself more thinking and praying time.

You can find the sign up at Or of course you could make Marvin [one of the Interns from Germany] very happy and join Tenfoot Church, if you haven’t already (… Whatever is your kind of thing, it is a good idea to try something new. Have a think and post it to Tenfootchurch!