Food Bank

The Hull Food Bank is an independent local charity, founded on Christian principles and part of The Trussell Trust network of food banks which are all over the country. They have a vision to end hunger and poverty in Hull. The Food Bank has been providing emergency food to people since 2011 and is situated in Paragon Street in the centre of Hull. In September 2018 an emergency food bank was opened in East Hull. Christ Church is the Hull Food Bank donation point for the village of Swanland.

Items required (all in-date) are:

Chopped Tomatoes (cartons or tins)

Sugar (500g)

Long Life Orange juice (carton)

UHT Long-Life Milk

Fruit (tinned)

Breakfast Cereal - multipacks of small cereal packets, large packets which inside, have wrapped portions eg Shredded Wheat or Weetabix or "Oats So Simple"

Meat & Tuna/Fish (tinned)

Instant Mash 

Rice & Pasta/Noodles (Dried) and Pasta Sauce

Rice Pudding (tinned)


Tea Bags (pkts of 40s)


Coffee (branded & in small jars)

Toiletries such as toothpaste, soap, shower gel

There is an urgent need for UHT Milk, coffee, biscuits and breakfast cereals (see above)

Because of the Coronavirus emergency and church being shut, gifts of food for the Hull Food Bank are not being received. The Food Bank would like support by people donating money so they can buy groceries etc that are required. If you wish to do this, donations can be made via the Hull Food Bank website

Updated 24.3.20

Peter's House

Because of the Coronavirus emergency, the four interns who lived in Peter's House have returned to their home countries. It is hope a new group of interns will join the Hull URC Team Churches in September.

Updated 24.3.20